Thursday, December 1, 2011

Basketball is life.

Everybody have their own passion, some may have more than one but too ridiculous if you have many. There could be things where you can relate your life with. Passion for me is something that you would do for free; do it for the sake of your own happiness; doing something that only you and God know; and doing it and putting your everything on it.

Well, let me tell you something. Basketball is one of my passion, it is not my greatest passion but I can say that its my second. When I was a child, and just like any other kid, I want to be a professional basketball player because who wouldn't want to be paid by playing your favorite game?

Whenever I'm inside the court whether it is a league, a pick-up game, practice game, exhibition game, bonding, etc. I feel free. The feeling is very nostalgic that I felt like focusing at something without having any other thoughts rather than dribbling, defending, passing and scoring. It is one of the things I do for me to unwind, make my self tired; and to break away to reality.

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