Thursday, December 1, 2011

Music Is Always There For Me.

As said by the title, I know that you can also relate because as a normal teenager, there are many times that when we suffer hardships it seems that no one would help us but God. Sure, that we have many friends or family to help us but let us not expect them that they would always be there for us (I'm not being pessimist or anything lets just face the fact that it is true.) Friends would be there to cheer you up, help you through the day but of course when they too are facing hardships they sometimes isolate their selves to us but let us not blame them because it is normal and they would come to you when they really need you. Our family members are one of the factors that could either worsen or heal the pain because they tend to over react to things like these, but it could really help you get over it if done right and even though that our friends and family would able to help us there would still come a moment wherein you will have to face it alone which is often times when we are about to sleep or wanna do something private.

Let me share you something, music is always there for me it could be through my guitar, piano, ipod or ven just singing thru our minds.  The beauty of it is it feels like we can relate on it or it somehow describes what you really are going through either you are happy, lonely, feeling stupid, angry, etc. and because of that I always have this feeling that I am not the only one facing problems like these and we are still alive and fighting.

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